Project Description

Our new Taftoon – Tanoor is made from stainless steel casing with hand crafted clay pot in the centre. The clay is of the finest quality and is strengthened using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of clay oven pots. Taftoon oven is made for traditional style of cooking and it’s widely used in Persian and middle Eastern restaurants. We also customise the appearance of the ovens to suit your ambient look.

Medium 28″ or 710mm 37″ or 930mm 47″ or 1200mm 225kg
Large 32″ or 810mm 40″ or 1020mm 47″ or 1200mm 245kg


Product Price RRP (charcoal) RRP (Gas NG) RRP (Gas LPG)
Medium £1600 £1800 £1800
Large £1700 £2000 £2000

Please note prices displayed are exclusive for the UK market