Project Description

Our New Stock Pot is heavy duty multi purpose cooker. We have 3 models, single, twin and triple, We also make 4 types of burners to suit your needs. Stock Pot can also be assembled for outdoor use fitted with LPG burners.

– 32 Jet burner
– 20 Jet burner
– 10 Jet burner
– Cast Iron burner (NEW)

Latest and the most powerful burners on the market
32-jet-burner DSC07303

single 22″ or 570mm 26″ or 660mm 24″ or 600mm 30kg
double 45″ or 1140mm 26″ or 660mm 24″ or 600mm 55kg
triple 67″ or 1710mm 26″ or 660mm 24″ or 600mm 80kg


Product Price RRP (Gas NG) RRP (Gas LPG)
single  £950 £950
double  £1250 £1250
triple £1600 £1600

Please note prices displayed are exclusive for the UK market