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Project Description

Our New Cooker range  are heavy duty multi purpose cookers. We make 4 types of cookers to suit your needs. Available in 5, 7, 9 or 12 burners. You can buy it with an optional oven. For models with  5, 7 burners + 1 oven and 9, 12 burners up to 2 ovens.

5 burners38″ or 980mm34″ or 860mm35″ or 890mm145kg
7 burners49″ or 1250mm34″ or 860mm35″ or 890mm160kg
9 burners72″ or 1830mm34″ or 860mm35″ or 890mm251kg
12 burners95″ or 2410mm34″ or 860mm35″ or 890mm315kg



Product Priceno oven+1 oven+2 ovens
5 Burner Cooker£950£1100
7 Burner Cooker£1150£1450
9 Burner Cooker£1300£1700£2100
12 Burner Cooker£1900£2300£2600